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CNC Machine Supplier

PRATIC CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer who specializes in cnc machine and automatic machinery. Our products cover a wide range of cnc machining center, cnc horizontal machining center, cnc vertical machining center, cnc gantry machining center, all of which are well applied for processing various metal (aluminum, steel, copper, titanium alloy and so on) profiles or components in many industries(auotomobile, aircraft, railway equipment, home furnishing, mold & machinery...) PRATIC 360° VIEWS:  www.kuleiman.com/120277

About Us
PRATIC CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

we are a famous manufacturer focusing on researching, designing, producing and sales of intelligent machines and automatic machinery.Our main products include cnc machining center, cnc gantry machining center, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center and so on, which are applied in industries of aerospace, rail transport, new energy vehicles, smart home appliance and so on.

  • Auto Parts

    Application: Skylight Rail, Car Luggage Rack, Front and Rear Bumpers, Automobile Pedal, Automobile Decorative strip, Automobile Instrument Panel Bracket

  • New Energy Vehicles Battery Tray

    EV battery tray solution: Saw cutting, rod parts processing, plate parts processing, robot welding, general friction stir welding

  • 5G Communication

    Application: 5g Radiator, Filter, Shiels Cover, Large Antenna

  • Why do PCD series have high rigidity in machining

    PCD series is a heavy-duty moving column machining center independently developed by PRATIC, which designed with high rigidity, high strength and high stability, has the characteristics of heavy cutting and high torque.

  • PRATIC Changzhou New Plant (Pictures+Video)

    PRATIC Changzhou Branch, mainly produces intelligent equipment included aluminum profile machining center, vertical machine, horizontal machine and gantry milling machine, widely used in processing new energy vehicles parts.

  • 7 Tips to Improve the CNC Precision Machining

    CNC precision machining can effectively improve the quality and durability of parts, so as to improve the overall quality of the machine. This article shows 7 effective tips to improve precision machining from the aspects of preparation, equipment selection and operation specifications.