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5G Communication

5g Base Station is composed of chip, antenna, radiator, filter cavity and optical devices and so on. The radiator and filter have the characteristics of multi-faceted, high precision and complex processing, which requires high-precision and flexible processing equipment.

PRATIC PW Horizontal Machining Center is widely used in 5G Communication industry, such as radiator, sheild cover, filterwhich specialized in process aluminum, steel, copper profiles, customers served include Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, etc.

5G communication processing case video

5G Communication


PW-CNC6040A 4/5 Axis BT40 Horizontal Machine

X/Y/Z Travel: 600*600*400mm


PW-CNC1160 4/5 Axis Horizontal Machine

BT30/ BT40

X/Y/Z Travel: 1100*1100*600mm 

5G Communication

PW-CNC8050 4/5 Axis Horizontal Machine

BT30/ BT40

X/Y/Z Travel: 800*800*500mm 

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