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New Energy Vehicles Battery Tray

In the first half of 2021, the global sales volume of electric vehicles reached 2.6 million, with a year-on-year increase of 160%. The growth of the sales volume of electric vehicles exceeded the automobile market, which automobile market was 26%. It shows that the demand for new energy vehicles is increasing rapidly, more and more people take it as their first choice.

New energy vehicles battery trays are metal shells that fix battery on vehicles conducive to thermal management, which plays a key role in protecting the battery packs safe operation.


PRATIC attend great importance to the new energy vehicle market, and have deeply cooperated with many famous auto companies,  accumulated rich industry experience and cases. At present PRATIC has controlled the core technology of battery tray, developed a series of intelligent manufacturing equipment, can provides the Whole Production Line of New Battery Energy Tray.

PRATIC EV battery tray production line adopts international advanced welding friction stir technologies to machining rod parts and plate parts, realize the integrated molding of products, high efficiency, high speed and high precision.

4 axis cnc machine

New energy battery tray welding friction stir

Battery tray processing example

5 axis machining center

cnc lathe

4 axis cnc machine


5 axis machining center

CNC Vertical Saw Cutting Machine

Rod Parts Processing


cnc lathe

PDC CNC Profiles Machining Center

Rod Parts Processing


4 axis cnc machine

CNC Plate Parts Machining Center 


5 axis machining center

Robot Welder


cnc lathe

Friction Welding Equipment 


4 axis cnc machine

PHA Gantry General Assembly CNC Machining Center

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