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7 Tips to Improve the CNC Precision Machining


1. Before startup, the operator shall lubricate the friction part to reduce the wear of the machine tool; Clean the box with kerosene regularly, replace the lubricating oil in the headstock and carriage box;

2. The operator shall be familiar with the equipment performance, strictly control the processing speed during the metalworking, and the F speed and S spindle speed shall be adjusted reasonably. When the F speed is high, the S spindle shall be accelerated, and the paper feeding speed must be adjusted in different areas;

CNC precision machining

3. Use air gun to blow the cutter head and locking nozzle clean before CNC machining, and use a calibrator to check whether the cutter swings within the allowable tolerance;

4. Pay attention to whether the name and model of the workpiece processed by the lathe are the same as the program list when clamping, meanwhile check the material size, the clamping height and the number of calipers;

5. Select CNC machine with high precision and good performance, take corresponding measures to reduce tool wear, adjust relevant factors according to the causes of errors in the machining, eliminate the root causes;

6. Trial cutting is carried out in the machining to homogenize the original error to a certain extent. In the process of machining, the error is constantly corrected to get high precision machining parts finally;

7. Use the CNC machining centerwith rotary table and multi-axis linkage processing, which can process multiple sides at one time, reduce the positioning error caused by multi-clamping times and improve the workpiece quality;

improve machining quality

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