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PRATIC Changzhou Branch CNC Machining Center Go Into Operation


As a leader in China mid-to-high-end CNC machine tool industry, PRATIC together with Changzhou Government and Major Companies, held the 2021 Major Project Breakthrough Meeting, 38 major projects completed this time, with a total investment of over 1.8 billion dollars, covering two characteristic industries such as smart energy and new materials; Three emerging industries of new energy vehicles and automotive core components, new generation information technology, new medicine and medical equipment.

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PRATIC Changzhou Branch, located in Changzhou National High-tech Zone, was completed in only one year, with a total investment of 200 million dollars. PRATIC is leading CNC machine manufacture in China, has focused on the development and application of high-end CNC machine center for 20 years, it is widely used in Aerospace, Rail Transport, New Energy Vehicles and Aluminum Home Furniture Parts. The Changzhou Branch CNC machining center, which has been completed and put into operation, has a investment of 70 million dollars. When reaches full capacity, it will form a production capacity of 1,800 CNC machine tool machining centers, with an annual sales income of 30 million dollars.

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The Gate of PRATIC Changzhou Branch

 aluminum processing equipment

The New Building of PRATIC Changzhou Branch

Zhou Bin, Secretary of Changzhou National High-tech Zone said: Changzhou National High-tech Zone will focus on characteristic industries and emerging industries, insist on innovation and empowerment, and accelerate the deep integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain, talent chain, and financial chain, to build the high-tech zone into a beautiful and livable land for innovation and investment.


With the increasing demand for equipment, and the application fields have expanded year by year, the requirements to precision and strength of manufacturing machine tools have also been continuously improved. PRATIC has caught the market development opportunities, and at the forefront of the CNC industry. Li Aijun, PRATIC General Manager said: "I believe that the long-term development of the company requires a breakthrough in itself and change the status quo. In the future, PRATIC will continue to move forward in the field of profile deep processing equipment!"

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