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PRATIC has won the Patent Excellence Award for the independent development of CNC Machining Center


On June 25, the State Intellectual Property Office of China issued the "Decision of the State Intellectual Property Office on Awarding of the 22nd China Patent Awards", developed by Guangdong PRATIC CNC Technology Co., Ltd. "A horizontal profile 5-axis machining center" won the "22nd China Patent Excellence Award".

22nd China Patent Excellence Award

For the machinery and equipment industry, high-quality products and innovative technology are the core competitiveness. As an industry leader, PRATIC continues to make efforts in scientific research and innovation, to provide more efficient production solutions. Last year, PRATIC was awarded "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" and became a leading technology-based enterprise in the industry, which was recognized by customers from all walks of life.


At present, PRATIC has more than 200 patents, which included 169 invention patents, 60 utility model patents, 3 appearance patents and 5 software patents.


The winner of the 22nd China Patent Excellence Award is “A horizontal profile 5-axis machining center"

PW Series Horizontal 5 Axis CNC Machining Center




1. High-speed, high-strength, high-torque and high-precision

2. Suitable for high-speed milling tapping processing mode

3. The system supports the polar coordinate conversion function, and the tool tip following function can be activated according to customer needs

4. Can realize non-stop refueling (10%~25% higher than traditional refueling efficiency)

5. Fast tapping speed, great chip removal, extended tool life

6. The versatility of processed products is wide, the single product processing cycle is shortened

7. Polyhedron products realize single-machine one-stop production, no need to process multiple equipment in different processes

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