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PRATIC Produces Full Range of CNC Machining Center Types


Since more than 12 years ago, PRATIC has been producing CNC machining centers and nowdays PRAITC has fully developed its product range which includes most types of CNC machining centers. PRATIC’s full range of CNC machining centers include following types:

1) Moving Column CNC Vertical Machining Centers. This is PRATIC’s knock-out machining center type. The biggest advantage is they have traveling column design with x axis travel from 2m to 20m, which enables them to machine various lengths of workpieces or expand production ability by adding more machining heads, spindles, holding fixtures & jigs on the machine. Meanwhile they have multifunctions(milling, drilling, tapping, chamfering, routing, cutting and so on), high precision and 3/4/5 axis are available for option.

cnc machining center

2) Gantry CNC Machining Centers. This is PRATIC’s important machining center type, which has larger Y and Z axis travel and which is perfect for machining larger size workpieces. Gantry CNC machining centers also have multifunctions, high precision and 3/5 axis are available for option.

metalworking machinery

3) Horizontal CNC Machining Centers. PRATIC developped this machining center type at the begining of this year. There are mainly two series: PW series and PWA series, both of which can realize multi-face machining after one time of workpiece loading and fixing. This type machinnig center is perfect for the workpieces in box shape and needs multi-face machining.

gantry machining center

4) Traditional CNC Vertical Machining Centers. PRATIC also offers traditional CNC vertical machining centers which have smaller X axis(usually less than 2m) for machining small size workingpieces with high precision.

cnc machining center

PRATIC has become an all-around CNC machine supplier who offers one-stop machining center solutions for customers worldwide!

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