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    PDC Series 3 Axis BT40 Spindle CNC Machining Center

    1. With functions of milling, drilling, tapping, chamfering;
    2. Used international control system: FANUC/SIEMENS
    3. Applicable for various length of profile, such as aluminium, iron, steel, copper, alloy, etc.
    4. BT40 spindle guarantee high rigidity, maximum speed is 12000rpm
    5. Automatic chip conveyor makes it easy to clean chips; With surrounding protect cover;
    6. Widely used in Furshing(hings, cabinet handle, window/ door frame), Auto parts(bumper, luggage, running board, decorative strip), Rail transit, Machinery and so on.

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  • PCD Series Machinery Parts Machining Center

    Main Features
    This CNC machining center with the functions of milling, drilling, and tapping; 
    Using the international CNC controller system;
    Machining for various lengths of metal profiles, such as aluminum, steel, copper, etc; 
    Adopt the double cantilever design structure, increase the equipment stability, improve machining accuracy; 
    With a large bevel organ shape sheet metal cover for protection; 
    The auto chip conveyor is a standard configuration. It’s easier to clean chips; 
    Widely used in the industries of the electronic appliance, aerospace, rail translation, machinery parts,etc.

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