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Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment

  • Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment
  • Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment
  • Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment
  • Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment
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Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment
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Main Parameter:
X/Y/Z Axis : 3000~10000 / 2000 / 800 mm
Spindle speed : 10000rpm
Spindle taper :BT40
Main Characteristics:
A.PHA Series suitable for medium and heavy cutting of aluminum, cooper, profile drilling, milling.
B.BT40 Spindle
C.Automatic protection door .
D. Applied in industries like Aerospace, railway transportation, automobile chassis etc.

Product Description:

PHA Series Gantry Cnc Machine For Making Railway Equipment


Gantry machining center for processing more complex components and profiles

Three axes high speed and precise positioning and repeating positioning

High speed spindle rotary & working

High efficiency & economy CNC machining center



Suitable for processing the rail transit equipment and components such as the frames of the seats in the train, the luggage rack in the train, the bunk bed frame in the train, the metal parts and components on railway and so on.

Technical Data - PHA
X Axismm3000~10000
Y Axismm2000
Z Axismm800

Spindle speedrpm10000
Spindle taper/BT40
Moving Speed

Rapids Xm/min40
Rapids Ym/min40
Rapids Zm/min20
(X/Y/Z ) Feeding speedm/min15000
Positioning Precision(X)mm0.05
Positioning Precision(Y/Z)mm0.03/0.02
Repeating Precision(X/Y/Z)mm±0.01
Tool Magazine

Disc type
Tool change timesec2
Axis Motors

Spindle driven motorkw7.5
Driven motor ( X/Z)kw3.0
Driven motor  (Y)kw1.8
Lubricating system

Lubricating system
Automatic Lubricating
Cooling system
Water cooling system

Air requiredKg/cm²6
Operation system/FANUC / SIEMENS

After-sale Service:

PRATIC has one year warranty, and a strong team of engineers and maintaining stuff to support after-sales service.


Technical Capability and International Technical Cooperation:

PRATIC owns a research team of more than 30 people, and carry out deep technical cooperation with the partner companies from Germany and Japan. PRATIC has got 182 patents which include 109 invention patents, 68 utility model patents and 5 appearance patents. Besides, PRATIC also owns 5 copyrights of computer software.


Management Standards and Quality Compliance:

PRATIC adopts the international management system, and has got the ISO 9001: 2008 certification. PRATIC’s products get the CE certification.

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